Tuesday, November 9, 2010

November Thanks

On Facebook, a lot of us have been doing doing a daily thing where we post things we are thankful for. And a friend asked a really good question. She asked, Are you guys doing this today I am thankful for whatever because thanksgiving is coming up or just because you're trying to be really positive? I was just wondering. Leave it to Marci to actually make me think about something. (Love you girl)

And in regards to that question, I try to put thought into my thankfulness. I mean, life is too short to not be thankful for the things we have been blessed with. We are all given different things and walk different paths, some have more than others. But instead of people being jealous and hateful because Mr. Jones next door has blah blah blah, and you want it, I firmly believe that people should take a good look at what they have and feel blessed for those things.

I have crohn's disease. I am in constant pain, especially when I am stressed out. On top of that, I have been battling bouts of shingles as well. I could let this get me down, and I will admit, some days I would rather not get out of bed. But I wake up every morning thankful that I made it another day, that there is still breath in my lungs, a roof over my head, friends who keep me grounded, family who loves me and a fiance who I love with all of my being. I am thankful that my children grew up healthy and are moving on to families of their own and that I am here to see this.

The falling leaves and a nip in the air always make me feel nostalgic. Is it because of Thanksgiving? Is it because Christmas is around the corner? Is it because my birthday is Christmas day? This plays a big part I think. Christmas to me is a time to look back on the year that I have had and how I have grown as a person. All these things weigh in on me during this time. We all have memories of our family traditions and things we want to pass on to our children.

Three years ago, my daughter Meghan was living with me, and had her first real Thanksgiving. Her dad and his family celebrate these two holidays by going out to eat. They don't cook, and Meghan didn't know what to do having a old fashioned traditional dinner. My idea of family holiday time is not spent in some truck stop somewhere eating hamburgers and then going on ones way. It's about being together and making memories.

Anyways, I've gone way off into left field here. In answer to that question, people shouldn't be thankful for things in just the month of November. They should be thankful for something every day that they are alive. With all it's ups and downs, life is still a wonderful thing and by far, better than the alternate side of things. *smiles*

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