Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Addictive Personality and Me

Brittany, over at, wrote about her addictive habits in 2 posts, one for the funny side, and one for the more serious side of them. At the end, she challenged everyone to list their addictions, whether funny, cute, or serious. So for today's blog, I will take her challenge.

Whenever I start something, I jump in with both feet and go at it full force until I get tired of it, then I leave it for awhile, and come back to's a never-ending cycle. Lucky for me, Mr. Husband is a go with the flow type of guy and doesn't harass me too much over it. He has, however, threatened to find me a 12-step program for my addictions to blogs. HA! (good luck with that honey)

  • Smoking - I am not proud of this one by far. If I had known when I was 12, what I know now, I would have never picked up a cigarette "to be cool". I have been smoking on and off for 27 years. (wow, to see the number of years makes me feel overwhelmed) Do I want to quit? Very much so. I don't even like the taste of them anymore. Everyone is always saying, "so just quit", like you can take a habit of that many years and just throw it away, like it never existed. Obviously I can't just do it, I am honestly not that strong. I hope by January of next year, to have them gone from my life. We will see.
  • Hobbies - This is another big addiction for me. I love to read, write, draw, paint, game, blog, and do crafting. The problem with this is, when I start something, I will do it until I feel I have accomplished something, and then I will move onto the next thing. I can't do more than one hobby at once and I tend to forget everything else around me. I started my blog about two weeks ago, and haven't been able to focus on anything since. When I am not online reading other people's blogs and commenting, or working on this site, then I am constantly writing down ideas and thinking about future posts. (I didn't realize how liberating blogging could be). Don't worry though, I am not going anywhere anytime soon, I have enough ideas to easily carry me through the next 6 months. HA!
  • Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper - My name is Heather, and I am a soda addict. I went on this kick when I started planning my wedding (and those of you who've read my posts, I can't stand water), and switched from regular soda to diet. I love my caffeine. Yes, I know it is still bad for me. Yes, I know water is better for me. Yes, I would probably stab someone with a spork repeatedly if they took it from me.
  • Collectibles - We all have something we collect. For me, it's coffee mugs, statues of Buddha, and anything that looks oriental. (that narrows it down huh?) I have the strangest collection of oriental pieces, from bowls, to boxes, to wall hangings, this list could go on and on. I have tried to back off collecting these things just a bit, lest I end up on Hoarders as some old woman yelling about the importance of a green Buddha statue and why it's not going anywhere! Mr. Husband doesn't complain too much about this seeing that his collection of oddities is much bigger than mine and he has enough weapons around to get us through any zombie apocalypse. Look out zombies, we are ready.
There is so much more I wanted to write in these, but I'll save that for my journal or a future therapist appointment. What are some of your addictions?

(PS - Thanks for the challenge Brittany)

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