Friday, July 1, 2011

Because My Head is Overflowing

My mind isn't getting any rest. I get this creative surge in me and I can't stop doing whatever it is I am into at the time until I feel satiated. Because of this, I spent the last two days coming up with almost 2 months worth of blogging ideas. Now that I have these ideas, I want to implement them as soon as I can. It is literally driving me nuts, can we say O.C.D? The positive thing is, at least I'll have two months worth of blogs ready to post everyday. The bad thing is, there are days like today where I may do a couple of posts just to get that feeling of accomplishment I need. I apologize in advance. You've been warned...

Things Mr. Husband Enjoys Doing To Annoy Me...

Question versus Threat Argument - There is this ongoing little argument we have. Whenever I am testing him or giving him a hard time, he will state, "Hey, I got a question for ya" followed by something like, "Do ya wanna live to see your next birthday? It's not a threat, just a question." And normally, he will do this when we are around other people or talking to friends on ventrilo. And I will say, "That wasn't an question, that was a form of threat." And so the argument goes on, not only about whether or not its a threat, but then it moves on to the tone which it was said in, and several other examples. Normally it gets our friends to pick sides, then everyone is arguing with everyone. Although this isn't a major annoyance, having 10 people arguing about something as ridiculous as this is.

The Knee Tickle - I have this area on my knee right above my knee cap that is EXTREMELY ticklish. All you have to do is grab it and squeeze lightly. Even getting near it will make me burst out in this genuine thick laughter that Mr. Husband finds extremely cute. The annoying part of this is, he enjoys doing it at the most inopportune times. We go to the movies, and he will do it once when the theater is all quiet, say between the previews and actual movie. But it doesn't stop there. He will wait until the worst part of the movie to laugh at, for instance, a sad scene, to reach over out of nowhere and do it again. Nothing worse than having a roomful of strangers look at you like you are some insensitive bitch.
He has no hesitation doing in while we wait for a table at a restaurant, or while waiting to order. And all the while, he has the ability to do it and then look away and be serious while everyone around me is looking at me like I'm crazy. There seems to be no end to his amusement with this.

Although these aren't serious annoyances, the time and places are usually what makes them annoying. I love Mr. Husband with all of my being. He fills my days with laughter, and I adore him for that. I'm sure as the years go on, I will add many more things to list. Hell, it's not a bad list and there could be things far worse than this. I love you Mr. Husband <3

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