Friday, July 29, 2011

Fawk You Friday

Today I am linking up with My Mad Mind Blog at for Fawk You Friday!

  • Fawk You - Yummy danishes that sit in the fridge and tempt me every time I go to the kitchen. I will show you, just wait until you are gone! I will WIN!
  • Fawk You - Judgemental people who think because I don't think about or see things the way that you do, that I am automatically wrong. You get a double FAWK YOU!
  • Fawk You -  California weather. I hate you. I know mother nature personally, we are thistight and I will be talking to her about you. Stop.Being.So.Hot
  • Fawk You - Google Analytics. You say you are installed correctly but claim I have had one visitor in 30 days. Get off whatever drugs you are on and get it right. Damnit! How else will I know how awesome I truly am. (like I don't know already, pfft) I don't need your stats anyways.
  • Fawk You - Klout...for saying you feel I am influential in boats. Really, boats? I would like to know exactly what you are on as well. And I would LOVE for you to show me how you came up with this little tidbit of information since I am positive I have NEVER posted crap about a boat.!
Anyone wanna throw a few Fawk Yous to anyone or anything? Feel free!

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