Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hey everyone. Woke up with a horrible migraine this morning, and am sitting here trying to decide what to do because looking at this screen (even with my glasses on) is causing the pain to overtake my entire head. I slept an entire hour the night before and was up from 4:30 am until after 1 last night, and luckily my body let me sleep last night. I got about ten hours and now I am paying it for it ugh. Don't ya hate days like this? So I have a few things I am totally loving right now and I spent a lot of time checking them out, so I thought I'd share them with you so you could as well.

  • Mamakatslosinit - This is one of the first blogs I came across that inspired me to start writing again. This woman is hilarious. You can find her blog at You should definitely watch her videos and read up about her. She also has a weekly writing workshop that I find gives me inspiration when I feel stuck.
  • Karmin - Not even sure how I came across this band. If you don't know who they are, search them on youtube.  They have a lot of cover songs that they have done, and they definitely make them their own. And I adore her voice.
  • Lotion Socks - I had gotten these at Bed, Bath, and Beyond as one of my wedding gifts. But I hadn't tried them out until yesterday. They are super soft socks with lotion built into them for foot therapy. I wore them all day yesterday and was a little sad to have to take them off at bedtime. I will add here that if you wear them with fuzzy slippers, they tend to feel a little awkward at times. My slippers didn't want to stay on my feet. (yes, it's summer, yes, it's over a 100 degrees outside, yet somehow I manage to be cold when everyone else is dying of heat exhaustion) Where have these been my entire life?
  • - This is Mr. Husband's BFF and I read his stuff daily. Mr. Husband and Kevin share a brain. It's kind of freaky but I've learned to deal with it. He's got a lot to say about everything and is quite amusing. If you like an off the wall sense of humor and someone who tells it like it is, you should definitely check him out. (Note to Kevin, see, I do like you sometimes lol)
So, do you have things that you are just totally loving right now? If so, share so I can love it too.

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