Friday, July 29, 2011

Mr. Husband and His Butt

I am laying in bed on Thursday night, and I have out my trusty notebook, writing down ideas for future blogs. Mr. Husband joins me, and starts his usual nightly goofiness. And this was how the conversation went down...

Mr. H - "What ya doing? Reading or blogging?"
Me - "Neither, I am writing ideas down for blogging."
Mr. H - "You know that's what I meant, you are doing something for your blog."
Me - "Yes, that's what I'm doing."
Mr. H - "What ideas have you come up with?"
Me - "Actually quite a few good ones, several pages to be exact."
Mr H - "Want to write about my butt?"
Me - "No, I don't want to write about your butt."
Mr. H - "Why not? I'd write about my butt."
Me - *laughs* "I am not writing about your butt, drop it."
Mr. H - "You can tell people how sexy it is."
Me - *eye roll* "I am NOT writing about your butt."
Mr. H- "Fine, don't write about my butt, I didn't want you to anyways." (with an added Hmph following)

Well, let me say, this is the cleaned up version of the conversation and a few left out remarks because they got pretty bad, But here you go Mr. Husband, a post about your butt. I hope you are happy. I love you.

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