Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Favorite Ways To Procrastinate

(Procrastinate - To delay or postpone action; put off doing something) This is me today. Yep, been doing it all morning, for 3 hours now to be exact, simply because I can. I open up my blogger this morning, and stare at the blank page that is just waiting for me to fill it up and all I come up with is nothing. I didn't sleep well last night. I hate those nights when I toss and turn, praying for my body to stop fighting the sleep it needs. The more I try to sleep, the harder it becomes. Once I actually fell asleep, I wake up four hours later, exhausted and moody, and I figure I can get a jump on my blogs for the week. Eh, that was three hours ago and here I am, rambling in italics...procrastinating. (what a fun word) 

  • Reading Other Peoples Rantings - Mr. Husband says I have a problem. When I am not actually working on my blog, I have a "few" other blogs that I may jump over to and check out. Okay, so a few is 74 to be exact, but who's counting? I enjoy reading other people's stories and troubles and if I happen to come across a blog I connect with, well then, watch out...I turn into Mrs. Blogstalker. It's nice sharing stories with strangers, it's nice to feel you aren't alone in your craziness. 
  • Twitter - I've been on Twitter for about three weeks now. When I am not on it online, I'm on it with my phone. I get up in the morning, make me something to drink, open Twitter and log on. I'll do the basic scan, and when I am done checking it out, I will open a new tab (yes, leaving it open) and go on with whatever it is I am going to do. (I may want to add that I get excited after a few numbers have popped up on that tab showing me that there are new tweets, it means I have something to go back to in the case of emergency, such as boredom). Can we say addiction?
  • Lists - Who doesn't love a good list? I mean seriously, what better way to look like I am actually doing something, when obviously, I am not. I make lists about lists. I have a five subject notebook for these alone. Blogging, story, and poem titles and ideas strewn about carelessly in a notebook that no one understands except me. 
*pauses here to check twitter, as there are 11 unknown tweets showing*
  • Foamy the Squirrel Videos - Never heard of Foamy? Stop reading this right now, go to youtube and look him up immediately. I love me some Foamy! 
  • Picking on Mr. Husband - When Mr. Husband is down here, sitting behind me on his computer, there is nothing more fun and satisfying than starting a random name calling contest. At least until he fights back and I can no longer proficiently concentrate on procrastinating. Damn him anyways.

What are some of your favorite ways to kill time?

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