Monday, July 11, 2011

Pet Peeve Mondays

It's that time again. Pet Peeve Monday, yay! I could obviously gripe and moan about the whole Casey Anthony Trial, but that would just be too easy. So many people have already made their opinions known, and mine is more than likely no different from anyone else's.

The "Fake Laugh" - This one annoys me to no end. We all know someone who does it. You tell a joke or a story, and someone will forcibly laugh louder and harder than the normal person. First off, I can tell the difference between a genuine, hearty laugh and a loud, fake laugh. Second, it makes you look like an ass, and most of the time, causes the whole awkward silence thing. Stop it. Now. Jerk.
Trash Can Laziness - Common sense tells most of us, if there is a lid on on the trash can, then you lift the lid to put the trash inside, correct? If you can not get the lid open, it means the trash is full, it needs to be taken out. Leaving it inside the container and piling it on top of the lid is not only disgusting, and unsanitary, but it is pure lazy. (This happens every couple of days without fail.) Or they will leave the lid ajar with their trash hanging out. This pet peeve can ruin my entire day. (Would it really kill them to take two minutes to empty the trash seeing that they just dumped an entire weeks worth of trash from their room into the trash?) Stop being lazy. Jerk
Mumbling - and then say "forget it" when you didn't or couldn't hear them. Seriously? Speak up. If I ask what, obviously I want to hear what you had to say. If I didn't, I would not have responded at all.

And with that being said, I will now return you to your regular broadcasting schedule. Until next time, take care =)

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