Monday, July 18, 2011

Pet Peeve Mondays

I took off the weekend from blogging. I needed to step back a little and get some stuff done around the home. It was Mr. Husbands birthday, and it was non-stop running around so I still didn't get done what I would have liked to. But he loved his birthday stuff and his night out at the casino for a buffet and gambling. Him being happy equals me being happy, so all is good. Todays pet peeve list comes easily as they happened yesterday while I was out shopping...


  • Full Cart, No Cash - When most of us go shopping, we know how much money we have on us or in the bank right? Nothing gets me more than a person with a loaded down shopping cart, standing in front of me, checking out and swiping their card thirty times. Declined, declined, declined. (You get the picture) Then this person says "One second, I just put $400 on my card and don't understand why it's not going through" and they proceed to walk AWAY from the register to use the atm. Now the rest of us in line are just standing here trying our best to be patient. (I must add here, it was Wal~Mart, I hate this place and the fact that they only have 3 lines open makes it worse) Two minutes later, she comes back, and says there is no money on her card, that she is actually ten dollars in the negative and she's so sorry she wasted our time. Apology accepted, please move so I can check out? She then proceeds to tell the cashier she doesn't carry checks and she has no cash on her, so she is just going to have to go. Really? Now I have to stand here and wait for it all to be undone. We stood in line for over thirty minutes for this whole ordeal to unfold. I had one item. Need I say more?
  • People Who Don't Know Their Job - When you work in a department, you should know that department. To act like I am putting you out by asking you where something is or doing a price check because there are no prices listed really annoys the fark out of me. It's your job people, it's what you get paid to do. What isn't in your job description is attitude, eye rolling, and sighing. Customer service my ass.
As a woman, I love to shop, to an extent. It's stuff like this though that make me loathe it. What are some experiences you have had?

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