Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thankful Thursdays

I didn't make it to #commenthour on Twitter last night, I was out with friends seeing Kansas play a concert in the park. All of a sudden, my phone lights up and I was being congratulated for being featured as the first blog of the night, and I spent the next 45 minutes with my phone vibrating constantly. Twitter just kept sending me messages over and over. LoL. I got back and was just so tired, I couldn't bring myself to read the other 24 blogs at that time. I got woke up early today and managed to get it all done already, so goooo me lol. Today is Thankful Thursdays so I guess I could get on with it...

  • The Color Pink - Apparently I look hot in it. (hahaha) Growing up, I hated the color pink, what tomboy wouldn't. As I have grown up, I have a new found love for this color. It makes me happy and it makes me feel girly.
  • My Friends (the ones outside my head) - I had a blast hanging out with the two people I consider best friends last night. I love going out with them, we cut up, act like asses, and have a few (okay, a LOT) of laughs. They brought their grandsons to the concert last night and the baby kept me amused most of the night. It's nights like these that I will always remember as they help make them pretty darn unforgettable.
  • Danishes - My newest junk food addiction. I love these things. My diet, however, does not. And if Mr. Husband doesn't eat those last two in the fridge, my diet is going to kick his butt. Seriously, I can't stop myself!!
What are you all thankful for today?

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