Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thankful Thurdays

Wow, Thursday already. The time has once again just blown by this week. It works for me though, I have a date this Saturday with the ass-kicking Deb to see Itchy Huevos perform. (haha I love that band name) Had a blast with #commenthour last night as well. MJ, from, and I have coined the term "Blitter" for those who blog/twitter stalk people and decided that "twogging" sounds like something you could be arrested for. Come on people, throw the term around, make it well known, get it out there! And Brittany, from, did a list of 20 things she's thankful for today, so I think I will follow suit and try to do 20 myself.

Things I'm Thankful For...
  1. Mr. Husband and the way he makes me laugh
  2. My daughter and my soon to be grand-baby (due in November)
  3. That I have made it to this point in my life alive
  4. My friends, without them, I'd be lost (love you Deb, Cyrena, Marci, and Jeff and I like you a little Kevin, okay maybe more than a little but I can't let you know that, it goes to your head)
  5. For all the great people at #commenthour, You all make my Wednesday nights awesome!
  6. That my Crohns hasn't acted up in awhile and I've felt okay *knock on wood*
  7. Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper and Sweet Tea mmmm
  8. My mom-in-law, she is my best friend (weird huh?)
  9. All the good book deals I have found recently
  10. That I am still steadily losing weight, yay
  11. My pets, they are my babies, since my kids are all grown up now
  12. The swimming pool that I scorch myself in every couple of days (stupid hot summers)
  13. Blogging, it allows me to be me, and of course, all of you that read my craziness
  14. Twitter, what a great way to pass the time
  15. Fresh fruit - yummy
  16. Having the necessities needed to live
  17. My computer, without it, I'd be bored 
  18. Music (without it, I couldn't sing loudly and off-key to my pets)
  19. The new friends I am meeting in the blogging community
  20. That I am content with who I am
What are some things you are thankful for?

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