Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Seeing that I do a Pet Peeve Monday, I thought I would do a blog for not only the things that piss me off but also for things that I am thankful for. I need that balance or I feel off the rest of the week. So I'm happy to announce Thankful Thursdays.

800 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Sheets - Before I got married in May, I will be the first to say I was a little "stupid" when it came to buying sheets. A sheet was a sheet, right? Boy, was I wrong here.

One of our gifts was this chocolate brown 800 count sheet set. Excitedly, I put them on a few nights later. They looked nice and they felt different in my hands. As we fell into bed, my husband starts going off and I believe the conversation went something like this...

Mr. Husband - "Oh my god. Seriously?"
Me - "What? What's wrong?"
Mr. Husband - "These sheets are wonderful. So soft and cool. I didn't know sheets could make such a difference."
Me - "They do make a big difference. Can I get my cuddles before we fall asleep? (we are newlyweds after all)
Mr. Husband - "But, but...I am cuddling with my pillows, the bed is soooooo soft, I am in love with my bed now"
Me - "Okay, you are right, they are nice, let's go to sleep." 

*lights out and a few minutes of silence go by*

Mr. Husband - "Did I mention I loooove these sheets?"
Me - "Yes love, now go to sleep."

*a few more minutes of this and then it's off to dreamland*

(This conversation has since been a topic at bedtime at least once a week since then. I forgot to add that we had also received $160 in gift cards from Bed, Bath and Beyond and had also bought 4 not so cheap pillows when we were shopping.  He got a feather pillow and one that is temperature regulated. These fall into this story too, but that's for another day)

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