Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Things I Fail At...

Happy Hump Day people! We all have things in life that we excel at. For me, it's little things, like drawing or walking down the stairs without falling (this one took some time to master). But what about those things that we aren't so good at, things that make us wonder if we aren't having a "duh" moment whenever we do them. Well in all honesty, I feel like I have more "duh" moments with each passing day. Let's have a look at the things I fail at....

Remembering Anything Recent - This one is getting to be a challenge as the days pass by. Poor Mr. Husband thinks I have gone off my rocker most days because I will ask him something, and then ask the exact same question an hour later. I'm not sure if it's because I'm getting older, a.d.d, or just the inability to actually hear the answer that I have asked for. (if I am sitting in front of the computer, it's more than likely option three) He tries to be patient, and it's gotten to the point where I can tell by his body language if I have actually asked the question more than once.

Multi-tasking While Online - This one is tricky. If I am doing my own multitasking, such as, reading twitter, facebook, while reading blogs, answering emails, and blogging, then hey, it's great. When someone tries to do something like talking, wanting me to watch a video on youtube, or wanting something simple like a kiss, well damn it, it throws my whole rhythm off. My head can't take the pressure guys and I know some of you know exactly what I mean. A girl can only multi-task so much.

Math in my Head - Do I look like a calculator? Do I have Texas Instrument tattooed across my forehead? Sure, I can rattle off how much each bill for the month is, then you want a grand total? Seriously? (take these two bills, carry the three, plus one, Oh my god, give me paper now or my head will explode)

Waiting for the Tub to Fill - I get a major fail on this one. I go into the bathroom every night, with a book and drink, set out to do some serious soaking time. It starts off great, I get the water going and the temperature set just right. I get undressed and stand next to the tub, anticipating the hot bath I am about to immerse myself into. And then everything falls apart...

A minute goes by, and then two, and there is only an inch and a half of water in the tub, and by now, my body has not only realized it's naked but cold as well. Impatience wins and I get in. The hot water feels great for about fifteen seconds and then my body realizes I am only sitting in enough water to cover my legs. The rest of my body is cursing at my warm legs, and to shut it up, I grab my book and lean back into the tub to try to get myself warm only to have my back shout nasty things at me for laying on the freezing cold backrest. (this is where the foot goes up to adjust the water to make it hotter in hopes of getting warm quicker)

By the time the tub is full and I am ready to soak, I am hot, sweat is dripping off my head, and I can no longer take the heat of the water. I read for about five minutes and then I have to get up, and shower off (I am covered in sweat and look like I just ran a marathon) and get out. Total bath time, 10 minutes. Total relaxation time, 5 minutes. Maybe I should just stick to showers.

Yeah, major fails here on my part. What are some of the things you aren't so good at?

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