Friday, July 1, 2011

Things That I Do That Annoy Mr. Husband

For the follow-up post, I figured it'd only be fair that I do one on the things I do to annoy Mr. Husband. And I'm sure that even with the ones I post now, he will add to this list in his own smart-ass way.

  Asking About Shows We Record...Daily - I, for the life of me, can not remember what we watch on a day to day basis. I don't set up the D.V.R to record anything. He does all that. So when he comes down to join me online, the first thing I ask is if he set up our shows to record. The next question I ask is how many shows we have to watch later that night. Then he gives me the run down. This is a daily event. What makes this worse, is by the time I do start to remember, the seasons change, along with the shows. Then it starts all over again.

  My Mood Changes - This past year especially, I have been hit with some serious mood swings. I can spend all day being happy and loving, only to turn to mega-bitch in two seconds flat, and then right back to being happy again. I know Mr. Husband loves me, but I'm sure, during this time, he could strangle me easily.

  My name is Heather, and I am a blanket hog - I am always cold. It could be eighty degrees in here, and I will be wearing sweats, socks, a sweatshirt, and be covered with a lap blanket. I'm sure at one point, Mr. H thought it was cute. Until wintertime hit and he had to share the bed with me.
  We have a bed warmer on our bed, most of the year, my side stays on, even during the summer. During winter, you can guarantee that it's not only on, but it's on full blast and I am under not one, but two blankets, with a space heater blowing on my side of the bed. (We are in Southern California) As if that isn't enough, on the off chance that he might actually get cold, I've been told that I can be rather nasty if he tries to take any of the blanket from me while I am sleeping. I think he has pretty much given up on that idea, and during the winter hours, he keeps a separate blanket on his side of the bed, just in case.

There ya go honey, I threw up some wife bashing stuff for you as well. I am not perfect and I thank for you putting up with all my odd little quirks too. I love you

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