Thursday, August 25, 2011

Comversations From Bed...Part 3

Tonight, a exciting part 3 to the Conversations from Bed saga. Okay, honestly, not sure how exciting it will be but to me, this entire conversation that took place actually had me laughing as I laid there listening to him ramble on. When we left off at Part 2, Mr. Husband was talking about music and how it affects zombies. Tonight we will be visiting those most likely to be turned into zombies and their armies...

Mr. Husband - "You do know who the people are who are most likely to become zombies right?"
Me - "No honey, I have no idea."

*insert evil giggle here*

Mr. H - "People who spend too much time on Twitter."
Me - "Oh, you got jokes."
Mr. H - "Oh, or people who drink insane amounts of energy drinks. I won't be a zombie, I can't drink energy drinks, they are bad for my heart, and my heart is already bad."
Me - "Yes honey, I know you have a bad heart and that you can't drink them."
Mr. H - "But still, they may not be all that bad for people now but wait until like 15 years down the road, and the kids who drank them will be running around as mindless zombies."
Me - "Yeah, I guess I could see that happening, they aren't good for you at all."
Mr. H - "Yeah, and believe it or not, the government knows all about this and is in the process of creating zombie armies."
Me - "Oh really?"
Mr. H - "I shouldn't say this out loud but rumor has it the leader of said army will be "The Beib." And I really need to get Kip's address so I can map out the most direct route to his house for this zombie invasion."
Me - "Why Kip's House?"
Mr. H - "It's a freakin compound, it would be the perfect spot when this goes down."
Me - "And just how do you know about all this?"

*He looks around suspiciously here*

Mr. H - "You aren't writing this down to post are you? You can't post this! They can't know that I know."
Me - "Who the heck are you talking about?" *add a giggle here*
Mr. H - "Go ahead and laugh now, don't come crying to me when men in black show up in the black vans."
Me -"Seriously honey?"
Mr. H - "Why do you think I never go out much. They know I know. It's a nondescript black van, and they will take me somewhere to be questioned by "them". No one knows who "them" are, but I do."
Me - "And what about me and mom?"
Mr. H - "Do you know who "them" are?" *waits for negative response*  "I didn't think so, you are safe."
Me -"Oh brother..."
Mr. H - "All I can say is that is the last people you would think it would be."
Me -"By all means, do share."
Mr. H- "No posting names, "them" has people on the inside. People's lives would be at stake."
Me - "Should we maybe change the subject then?"
Mr. H - "Yes, to genetically altered lettuce."
Me -"What about it?"
Mr. H -"It's lettuce...that's altered...wait for it...genetically. Doh!"

So this is how part three went. What will part 4 have in store for us? Stay tuned...

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