Friday, August 19, 2011

Fawk You Friday

Yay for the weekend! Finally! What does this mean for me? Not a damn thing. No big plans, no date night, no band night...just gonna stay home and chill with Mr. Husband, work on my blogs, and possibly work on my bedroom. (looks like Hurricane Heather hit it) I have 8 kittens that I need to find homes for. Adorable as they are, they gotta go, preferably sooner than later. I am linking up with Boobies  and Christy for a Fawk You Friday. I only have one major fuck you today, and it's just one of those "wtf" things.

9/11 10th Anniversary - If you haven't read up on this yet, check out this link for the story. All the first responders and emergency crews are not, I repeat, not invited to participate in the 10th Anniversary of 9/11. Okay, I can understand that there are thousands and thousands of them. And I can understand that they want the families to have this time for themselves. But what about all these rescuers who lost their "families" in it.  
These people gave days, weeks, and months of their lives looking for people, and helping with anything they could. They lost people they were close to, and to not allow them this privilege, in my eyes, is just wrong. Now it states in the story that the first responders will get a separate ceremony on a different date. Seriously?
So todays fawk you, is getting turned into a regular FUCK YOU that goes out to New York for not including those who risked their lives for all that time. 

I normally do not get involved in stuff like this. But reading this story just rubbed me the wrong way. What are your opinions? Should they be included?

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