Friday, August 5, 2011

Fawk You Friday

I am tired. Hell, not even tired, I am exhausted. I am sitting here, trying to force my eyes to stay open and dozing between words (occasionally opening them back up to something like "dja;kf" It's 10:09 am, I should be nice and awake by now, but oh no, my body wants to do what it wants to do. I always get like this, one week every month, where I am just fucking tired, moody, and a total space cadet. Stupid woman issues anyways.

  • Fawk You - Iron supplements. I would feel so much better if I could take you without you making me sick. Fawk trying to eat with them as it just makes it worse. 
  • Fawk You - T-Mobile for getting my hopes up about a new phone and then being douche bags about it. I haven't even had my Optimus for a year and the damn thing keep kicking my SD card out, freezing up whenever it deems necessary, and hell, it doesn't even come on if it doesn't want to. Seriously thinking about a provider switch. Gah!
  • Fawk You - Hormones. Man, one minute I can be the happiest girl and the next, I'm crying like a baby, or flying off on some tangent about something as stupid as dryer lint. Seriously? Dryer lint? Shit like this makes me look forward to menopause. (did I just say that outloud?)
Come on people, throw them out there, get them off your chest and rant with me! Hope you all have a great Friday, seriously!

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