Monday, August 29, 2011

Pet Peeve Monday and A Trip to the ER

So I took a nasty fall down the stairs yesterday and ended up coming out of the emergency room looking like this. Mr. Husband just couldn't wait to take a picture and post it to Facebook. Thanks honey. The blogs may be sporadic this week. I sprained my ankle, knee and shoulder and bruised my chest and ribs so being out of my arm sling causes pain.  It makes typing hard. Let's see if I can get through this one before I plan to do anymore.

  • Emergency Rooms - I put this one on here first because the treatment at the ER started off great. They took me back within minutes, and in just 5 more minutes, they got me into x-ray. Then things went downhill. They made me do a urine test to make sure I wasn't pregnant before they would give me anything for pain. (I had my tubes tied 16 years ago) Then when they finally brought me the pills, they left me sitting in a hallway for about fifteen minutes. Finally they came and bandaged me up and told me to go wait in the waiting room for release papers. Here's where I got an attitude. What happened to the day when the doctor came and saw you before sending out of the emergency area? Obviously I'm hurt, and they just wanted to release me out without even telling me what was wrong. Finally, I gave them enough loud attitude that they sent the doctor out to explain that I had contusions in my chest and ribs, and that I sprained my shoulder, ankle and knee.  I just wish healthcare providers were more interactive with patients. I really hate going to the doctors or hospital because of the lack of concern or interaction.
  • Fast Food Restaurants - Before the trip to the ER, Mom stopped to fill the car with gas and grabbed us all breakfast so we wouldn't go on a empty stomach. Why is it, they take your order, you see it on the screen and it's correct and then you get the food, drive off and open the bags to find it is totally not what you ordered. Mr. Husband always gets the 2 sausage and egg mcmuffin meal, it never changes. Mom gets the food home, we open the bag and they gave him 1 bacon and egg mcmuffin. Really? Mom specifically asked them if everything was in the bag, if they checked it and they assured her they did. These people get paid to take our order, make the food and get it right. Problem is, it is never right. 
That's all I can type right now, so we will leave it at that for now. Hope you all had a great weekend. 

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