Monday, August 15, 2011

Pet Peeve Monday

One week and one day without smoking. Yay! I know it's not much to a lot of people out there, but it's  major step up for me. It's slowly getting easier, I don't feel the cravings when I wake up or after I've eaten anymore. It's been nice. I'm going to give it a solid two weeks before I implement my workout plans. I wanted to wait in case I ate my way through my cravings, but I haven't done that either. This is now a really good plan as I actually had an accident and fell walking up the stairs to our room today. I jacked up my right ankle, right knee, and landed on my right wrist. I not only hurt myself, but I think I officially scared the crap out of Mr. Husband as well. So for now, ya'll can call me Ms. Gimpy. I won't get mad, I promise. 

Pet Peeves for the Week...

  • Hoarding - Now, before I get something thrown at me, I am aware that this is a psychological/mental disease for a lot of people out there. And watching that show literally drives me insane most times. You will hear me talking to the t.v, going something like, "seriously, it's trash and paper, just throw it away." My belief is that you can't take it with you. No one needs that much stuff piled up to the ceiling. Maybe it's just my anal retentiveness but that shit would make me leave and never come back.
  • Christmas - Well besides the fact that this holiday is also when I turn the big 40, I just realized it's literally like 4 months away. Already? Really? Where the hell did the past 8 months ago. 
  • Wal-Mart - Anyone else remember that sometime last year, this store was running commercials about having more lines open starting at the first of the year? LIARS. I go into Wal-Mart over the weekend, the store is packed, people are shopping for school stuff, and they have 4 lines open. FOUR!  And they each had a minimum of 10 people with full carts at each one. Wal-Mart...Get.Your.Shit.Together.NOW!

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