Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pet Peeve Mondays

I was awake every hour on the hour last night. Talk about a long assed night. I finally gave up and got up at 6 am and have been sitting here for two hours trying to figure out what this weeks blogs will contain. I've started three different ones but haven't finished one yet. 
As a side note here, I had my last cigarette Saturday. I am trying to quit smoking. Mr. Husband gave me extra incentive that if I go smoke free for six months, I get a new Coach purse. (His idea, not mine)

  • Talkers (in public bathroom) - I can tolerate a lot of things. But there are some things that really rub me the wrong way. For instance, I don't like having to use a public restroom. If I can wait until I get home, I will. And in order for me to use a public restroom, I have to go pretty damn bad. So, to stand in front of me in line, gabbing, and not paying attention to people coming out of the stalls, this is for you...MOVE! Some of us sincerely have to go to the bathroom, and not a one of the twenty people behind you really care about who you were making out with at some club last night. Talk about it later and let me pee already! Get. The. Fuck. Out. Now!
  • Random Calls to My Phone - I have all my friends and family numbers added into my phone. If I don't know a number that is calling, I am not going to answer it. Last time I did, it was a DJ wanting to know if I had booked anyone for my wedding. I met said DJ at a bridal expo a year and a half ago. Please keep in mind here, that my wedding was May 7th. He called me last week. Really? I gave these people the date of my wedding and they still call me. Or even better is the numbers that call you 12 times a day, but never leave a message. But if you do answer, after saying hello three times, they hang up on you.  This is why I never answer my phone anymore. Harass someone else already.
  • Batteries - Anyone else ever buy a pack of batteries, get them home, and one out of the package doesn't work? It wouldn't be so bad if Mr. Husband wasn't either watching tv or playing Xbox, because lord knows, when a remote or controller goes dead, I hear about it. So you get a pack of new batteries, and I take two out and give them to my other half.  The remote will work for exactly 10 minutes, just long enough for me to leave the room and start doing something else before I hear Mr. Husband yelling at said remote/controller. And I know before I ask what has happened. It's not like you can grab the batteries out, take them back, and say that you had them in a remote for 10 minutes and then they died. They look at you like you are crazy. Energizer, nothing outlasts it, it keeps going, and going, and going...liars!
There we have the pet peeves for the day. Yay, one blog down, 4 to go. Have a good one!

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