Monday, August 1, 2011

Pet Peeve Mondays

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend! Nothing much happened here. No major excitements, accidents, or stories, unless you count me kicking Mr. Husband's ass in a Peggle Nights marathon. That's right, I am that woman who kicks her man's ass in something and then brags about it. I wouldn't of said anything if he hadn't given me the idea to, so it's totally his fault. Just sayin...

Oh, and he finally got his cast removed Friday, so he was actually in a decent mood because he was able to come home and actually shower. The not so pleasant part of this was him coming out of the shower, and trying to force me to smell his clean parts. Just random clean parts, in no set order. Finally, I smelled his hair just so he'd be happy. I'm pretty sure there was a threat about his penis and my ear, I really don't know, I was trying to blog. (no worries, my ear stayed penis free)

I really don't have any pet peeves today, it has just been so blah that there really isn't anything for me to bitch about unless you count P.M.S and moodiness, which I have already covered. Don't want to go repeating myself. As most of you are women, you know where I am coming from anyways.

I am going to one last free concert Wednesday. Rick Springfield will be playing. Do you gals remember way back when he was hot? I think he was one of my first crushes. That was back in the days of General Hospital (my mom was huge fan) and all of us wishing we could figure out who Jesse was and if we could be his girl so Rick would want us to. (seriously, this isn't just me is it?) Anyways, I love going to these concerts and hanging out with friends. I get to get out of the house and just cut up and be an ass or whatever else it is I want to be at that moment. I live for these moments.

Hopefully I'll be back next Monday with a new list for you all. 

On second thought, he still looks pretty hot. Always loved the eyes. *sigh*

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