Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thankful Thursdays

Humor. My life is full of it. Mr. Husband has lots to say about everything and most of it's funny. Yesterday, I was rudely awakened by choking to death. Seriously, I woke up choking and coughing. That's two days in a row it's happened. And I am not sure why. Anyways, after being woke up like this, I decided to just stay up, my head and chest was hurting, my nose wouldn't stop running, and I just felt like there was no way I was going to go back to sleep anytime soon. I get online for a bit and am still not feeling any better. Mr. Husband is heading to the kitchen to make something to eat and this conversation takes place...

Mr. Husband - "I'm going to fix me something to eat, do you want anything?"
Me - "No, I am not feeling that well right now."
Mr. Husband - "Are you sure you don't want something to eat?" (names off tons of food)
Me - "No honey, I'm thinking about going to take a bath and see if the steam wont break up some of whatever is going on in my chest."
Mr. Husband - "Well take your cell phone in with you in case you die."
Me - "If I die, what good will my cell phone be? I can't call you if I die."
Mr Husband - "Okay, take it anyways, and message me if you feel you are going to die, that way, I can at least come and say goodbye before you do."
Me - "I don't like you right now. Go. Away."
Mr. Husband - "But I love you."
Me - "I love you too, now go away."
Mr. Husband - *hmph*

So today I am thankful that I didn't feel the urge to die or actually die in the tub. First off, it's not the most romantic place to say goodbye, and second, I refuse to let him off that easy. HA! I love you Mr. H. Sorry, but you are stuck with me.

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