Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Failed bath Attempt...Again

In a previous post, I mentioned how much I love to soak in a nice, hot bath. I also mentioned that I tend to fail in doing so because, let's face it, I am not the most patient woman in this world. Cooking something in a microwave seems like an eternity and I normally end up with food that is cold in the middle. Waiting for packages to come in the mail will cause me to not sleep for days. Even when I know they will be here on a designated day, I still can't sleep until said package has actually arrived. If I am going somewhere the next day, say, Disneyland, yeah, this woman is not sleeping at all. Doesn't matter that I have been there 12+ times in the 3 years I've been in California, the anticipation and wanting morning to come will keep me awake most of the night. So why would my bath time be any different? In order to see just how impatient I am, I actually took it upon myself to time my bath two nights ago. I had a book and had planned a nice soaking session, with some reading and relaxing as my main goal. This is what actually happened...

7:20 - I complain to Mr. Husband that I am freezing and that I am going to take a relaxing bath and catch up on some reading.

7:26 - I enter the bathroom

7:27 - I wipe down and rinse out the tub. I start my bath water. I grab my razor, soap, washcloth, and book and sit them on a small stool next to the tub.

7:28 - I go ahead and undress

7:29 - I turn around and check the water and notice there is only about an inch of water in the tub.

7:30 - I tie up my hair, brush my teeth, and wash my face

7:32 - I start to get cold from standing around the bathroom and decide to jump in the tub. The water that once felt hot is now lukewarm and I find myself standing in about 2 and a half inches of water. Grr

7:33 - Adjust water temperature to just hot enough that I can see steam and although it is relaxing, it's mildly scorching the skin on my legs.

7:34 - I lean back into the tub attempting to get somewhat warm and find myself in fairly chilly water near my back and red feet near the faucet. I sit up, mix the water, and lay back again. At this time, I am in about 3 and a half inches of water. Enough to warm my ass, the back of my legs and my back.

7:35 - I reach out and grab my book to go ahead and start reading, all the while, swishing the water around with my foot to try and keep it pretty even in temperature.

7:40 - The tub is full, I sit up, turn off the water, and lean back to start reading again. I get about a chapter read when I start to notice the sweat dripping off my forehead. I sit up, close my book, swap it out for my razor and proceed to shave my legs. By this time, I am fanning myself with my one free hand while trying not to take off any layers of skin while shaving.

7:45 - No longer am I able to take the heat, I stand up, grab my soap and washcloth, and take a quick lukewarm shower, trying to cool myself down just a bit.

7:50 - I get out and towel off, fanning myself the entire time and wondering when the bathroom became a sauna.

7:52 - Leave the bathroom

7:54 - Arrive in our room. Mr. Husband asks me what is wrong and I tell him I am dying of heat.

8:00 - I bitch to Mr. Husband about being cold again.

Now I am sure someone will ask me why I just do not let out some of the hot water and add some cold to cool it down. The answer is simple, because that would be too easy. Seriously, I do not like feeling cold when I am in a bath. In the middle of summer, I don't take cold showers, they have to be hot. (Cold water + Me = Cranky) It is just easier for me to admit that I will never be able to take a hot bath and soak for hours. It's just not meant to be I guess.

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