Monday, November 14, 2011

Pet Peeve Mondays

Here it is, another Monday. Why is it as we get older, time just seems to fly by and you are left asking where the week, month, or year went? I am feeling that way today. It feels like I just posted my last set of pet peeves and here I am doing it again. Getting older sucks. Slow down, let me enjoy my days, sheesh. This week's peeves revolve around common courtesies or the lack thereof.

  • People Who Cough and Don't Cover Their Mouths - This one is especially peevish to me as I get sick at the drop of a hat. That tends to happen when you have a autoimmune disorder. People who cough/sneeze without covering their mouths and without taking other people's well being into consideration should just be slapped stupid. It's worse when I am actually on my medication like I am supposed to be because my meds slow my immune system down even more and I am susceptible to anything. Cover.Your.Mouth
  • Noisy Eaters - Imagine this if you will...We are sitting at the table eating dinner and it's all silent, and all of a sudden, Mr. Husband will purposely start chewing with his mouth open, loudly, with lip smacking. I give him a dirty look and he says innocently, "What? I'm aerating my food, makes it taste better." And he will give me that evil ornery boyish-charm smile and go on about his eating. If it weren't for that smile, I would get all stabby with my fork. You know damn good and well that most people were raised with manners, by why is it, when they think no one is around, they seem to forget that?
  • Handicapped Parking vs. Not handicapped - This one really rubs the me the wrong way. Although myself am not handicapped, my mother-in-law is. Nothing pisses me off more than going out to run errands, we will wait for a handicapped spot, and someone asshole will zoom in the spot in front of us. Not only will they get our spot, upon further inspection, there is no handicapped license plate, sticker, or placard hanging from the mirror. Really people? This genuinely makes me want to break their legs just so they can see what it feels like when they have to walk from what seems like a mile back in their newly injured condition. Asshats!
How about you all? Any pet peeves you wanna throw in here? Let's hear them.

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