Monday, November 7, 2011

Pet Peeve Mondays

Sometimes I think I am a sucker for pain. I started my book for NaNoWriMo and got about 1500 words in and then I re-read it this morning and decided I didn't like it all and scrapped it and started over from scratch. I know that some of you know how this feels, that your writing just doesn't flow like you want it to or you have an idea in your head but it doesn't look right once it's down. So I spent the whole day restarting it. And when I look over it now, at least I am happy with I am reading. Anyways, I haven't done a Pet Peeve Monday in while so here ya go...

  • Fast Food Joints and Their Incompetence - Is it me or has fast food restaurants gotten lazy? Often times, when we are tired or just don't feel like making an elaborate meal, I will run out, order our food, double check the order with them, and it never fails that they STILL get it wrong. They short you food, give you the wrong food, or even worse, give you the wrong food that tastes like it's been sitting for three hours. I used to get pissed and raise hell over the phone when I would get home and find my stuff missing. Their response is to offer me the free item that I am missing the next time I come in. Now seriously, why would I want a free anything from these guys when the food is horrible in the first place? Why would I want to go back there when they can't get a simple order correct? Or when the food was nasty? I've made a point where I refuse to move from the front of the line until I have double checked it myself. Let them get mad at me, they've pissed me off more than enough times.
  • Facebook - Stop messing with the damn features already and just leave it be. All you are doing is screwing it up and making us hate you. Stop.It.Now.
  • Edenfantasys - I love being a toy reviewer for you and I love most of your items, but if I actually shell out a decent amount of cash or points for a toy and it works once and then turns into an exorcist vibrator or even worse, it breaks, I have a problem with that. It has been 4 toys now and we are about to go rounds. Take some pride.
There we have it, share some of your pet peeves folks. Get them out there. 

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