Sunday, November 27, 2011

Quirky, Snarky, and Douchebaggery

I really just needed to say those three words. That's all. Mr. Husband and I made a trip to Best Buy today and bought a few new movies that were super cheap, including the Lord of the Rings Extended Edition Trilogy. He got it for half off so he's been like a small child all night. He's watched all of them back to back. It's got something like 15 hours of extra stuff on it and each movie is anywhere from 30-45 minutes longer than the original ones. So here it is, 2:45 am and I am bouncing off the walls from caffeine, cookie cake, and apple pie sugary overload.   I am pretty sure before the holiday season is over, I will not be able to fit into any of my pants.

Random Thoughts of the Day...

  • The Big Mouth Bites from Chili's are excellent. 4 small burgers (which I couldn't finish) with fries AND onion strings. Yummyliciousness all the way around.
  • I am NOT ready for the Christmas stuff to be shoved down my throat. I seriously dread this holiday. Not only is it Christmas but my birthday as well. 
  • Is it wrong of me to sometimes wish I had Tourette Syndrome just so I could randomly yell out names at stupid people who make me want to stab them in their faces? Wrong or not, I want to be able to call someone a douche bubble and then say, "Oh my, I am so sorry, it's my Tourettes, you fucktard" and then just move along on my merry way.
  • Fuck! Mr. Husband just asked me to get him something. I did and I sat back down, rolled my chair up to my desk and rolled right over the bottom of my pajama pants. I am now irritated AND stuck. This chair is an asshat.
  • Sick of hearing about Kim Kardashian, Black Friday (and it's violence), and Christmas!
  • I've been listening to Lord of the Rings movies since 6 pm, it's now 3:12 and I have to say that Gollum's voice is not only creepy but a bit annoying. I'll show you "My Preeeecious" you twisted little twitnugget.
  • I am really pissed that when I went to get my hair trimmed, they took off a couple of inches. I hate when they ask you what you want done and then do what they want to do. I would be better off doing it myself. *sigh*

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