Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wednesday Random Thoughts

Just because we all need a bit of randomness in our lives and honestly, I don't have it in me to do a whole blog post right now. So let's just write a bunch of crap and see where that goes, shall we?

      I really need to buy a handheld recorder. I miss doing bedtime conversations with Mr. Husband. Part of the reason I can't do them as often as I like is because I can't remember half the shit he says and I am certainly not getting out of bed at 3 a.m to find a pen and paper to write his musings down. A recorder would make it so much easier, although I am sure if he knew I were recording him, he would just try to act normal. *sighs*

     My ovaries hate me. This week, I have not only gotten one, but two cysts going on, one on each ovary. It doesn't happen often, but when it does, OUCH! I can sit fine but walking, or going from a laying to sitting position makes me want to cut my female bits out with a pair of scissors. Okay, maybe not scissors, that would be painful and pretty darn messy I would imagine.

     Most people think it's disgusting, but I really like the Kraft Easy Cheese in the can. You know what I am talking about? You use the little nozzle to spray it on your crackers or directly into your mouth and get a big pile of yummy goodness. I love it for two reasons, I don't have to walk downstairs to get cheese from the fridge, and because it's freakin yummylicious.

     Speaking of annoying, who else is ready to slap the next person who talks about Kim Kardashian and her stupid 72 day marriage. I am so tired of hearing about it. I think we should take Snookie and Kim, put them in a ring together, and let them fight one another. It would be for pure entertainment purposes of course. We could place bets and everything. Honestly though, I'd have to go with Snookie, lord knows what she's hiding in that "poof".

Latest news from Mr. Husband, he thinks my food choices are disgusting. I made us sandwiches last night and mine consisted of bologna, cheese, dill pickles, and ketchup. That'll teach him to ask me what I'm eating. (I won't ever make that mistake again, I was sick all night but man did it taste good!)

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