Friday, December 9, 2011

Things You Should Never Say To/Ask Your Husband

I love Mr. Husband. And most of the time, I can ask him anything. I love the fact that we can talk about most things. I also know where to draw the line when asking him questions. I think there are questions that you should never ask your husband unless you are just outright being spiteful or looking for an argument.

  1. "Do these pants make me look fat?" - C'mon gals, we all know that this is a loaded question. The husband will be fine so long as they you look good. God forbid they answer with anything other than this. 
  2. "Wouldn't you rather spend time with me than watch (insert sport or show here)?" - Unless you want your feelings hurt, stay away from this question. This doesn't go with just television. Most important times to follow this rule are when your husbands are...watching football or any sports related show, playing xbox, going fishing, napping, watching porn, or hanging out with friends. Wait until they aren't engrossed in something to ask them for some cuddle time.
  3. "Do you know what tomorrow is?" - You may be setting yourself up for disappointment here girls. More than likely the answer will be "Uhh Monday?" Mr. Husband is forgetful of the important dates and I am quite aware that he has always been like that. So if your husband is the same way, make sure to start hinting about a week before the important day.
  4. "Which shoes look better with this outfit?" - They are guys, and they are going to look at you like you are crazy. Unless your husband is all O.C.D about his clothing matching, he sure the hell isn't going to care about yours. And face it, if our husbands do actually pick one, we are probably going to choose the opposite of what he says anyways, I mean, seriously, what do they know about fashion?
  5. "Why don't you stop and ask directions?" - Give it up. They are not genetically wired to do that. Hell, some will even argue with GPS. Just sit back and enjoy the scenic route that takes you 200 miles out of the way. 
  6. "Do you think she is prettier than me?" - Once again, no matter what he says, more than likely this one will end up with you both fighting and you with hurt feelings. Now it's not true for all couples, Mr. Husband and I will look at females together, hell, sometimes I will even point a hottie out. He's married to me, and I am quite aware that he looks at other women, just like I look at other guys. We all do it. Why make it a competition?
What do you gals say? Any questions you think shouldn't be asked either?

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