Wednesday, July 2, 2014

I can not brain today, I has the dumb...

I am being betrayed. My head is full and I think my brain is on the fritz. Seriously got some sort of mental incompetence going on. 

I was writing a message to my brother last night, and could not, for the life of me, remember how to spell "the". Even writing it now and sounding it out in my head, the word does not look correct. I don't pronounce it as "thee", it comes out as "thuh". I stared at the message for about a minute, gave up, and totally redid the sentence.

The brain that once gave me decent grades now can't remember something we watched last week or what I had for dinner last night. Mr. Hubby will ask me simple stuff like, "you still want to see this movie right?" or states something like "you watched it with me!"  and it messes me up because I honestly have no recollection of ever saying I wanted to see something or remembering that I, indeed, did watch it with him.

While I can still remember birthdays, or my very first phone number ever, I can't remember something as simple as our wedding anniversary. I actually put it as a security question on the time clock at work so I don't forget it again. If you need help to remind you to do something, don't ask me, I am definitely not your girl.

I went to the store with mom this morning, and had made a mental note of two things that I needed to get. You would think two things is easy enough right? Well I just made a trip back to the grocery store an hour ago but I didn't forget just one thing, but both.

I'm not menopausal yet, and one of the symptoms of that is a "fog". Where you start to do something, and then can't remember what you were doing, or making a mental list and then forgetting it 5 minutes later. Maybe I am an early developer, lord knows I was as a young'in. If I am this forgetful already, I don't want to know how bad it will be when I do hit "the change".

I swear, I am forty-two years old with the brain capacity of an eighty-year old. Luckily my hubby thinks I'm beautiful, loves me for who I am, is patient, and can think enough for the both of us!

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