Friday, April 1, 2016

So here's an update...

Hey all, just doing a update about what's been going on with us. We are still alive and kicking obviously =)

A month ago today, my youngest daughter and her boyfriend moved from Missouri to Cali to live with us. She was hanging around some not so good for her people and definitely was doing things I didn't approve of in any way. (I won't go into that, that is her story to tell if she cares to share it) I will say that I was pretty worried and stressed about this change in both her lives and ours. And we had already been down this road with one of Mr. Hubby's sisters already. The first couple of weeks were pretty rough, she wasn't the same girl that was here visiting seven years ago. I think part of me hoped she would be the same sixteen year old that she was, but in all reality, she's had two beautiful kids since then and has been through a lot of stuff that no twenty-two, (now 23 year old) should go through.  She was really introverted, kept to herself in her room, and was really jaded. Since then she has really opened up and become the daughter I had always known her to be. I am trying my best to help her heal and get through her problems while letting her know that she can still do anything she wants to do. Life is rough, it is, we all have our own stories, some good, some bad. I know where she's coming from, I lived it myself. I try to let her know that I'm here for her, and that I have her back. It has given me something to focus on other than just me being sick.

On that note, the doctor has determined that not only do I have crohn's, I have IBS on top of that and a very slow moving bowel. I am still waiting to meet with whatever surgeon they are giving me. The insurance finally okayed the steroid, a one month supply was over $1500. (I see now why they turned it down) I have to be on them three months. She has added two new meds as my vitamin d is very very low and the other is to help with the bowel issue. They covered the vitamin d but of course, not the one to help me use the restroom because its another almost $400. She has also decided that we are going to do the Humira injection along with the Imuran pill. My tb test came back negative, so we are just waiting on one blood test to come back and then hopefully my insurance will okay those meds and I will get started on them. We will see...

Mr. Hubby is doing okay for everything that has been going on. He got his cardiac clearance, his primary doctor is just waiting on the pulmonary function test to give final clearance for the surgery. He is still dealing with both violent and suicidal thoughts. I see him struggle daily with this and it hurts me that I can't just take it all away. I have dealt with depression since I was six years old, and although I can say that I know what it feels like, I still don't as his thoughts are extremely different than my thoughts were. Yes there was self harm, and thoughts of suicide, but no two peoples depression is the same. And we all deal with it in very different ways.  He was making so much progress with his therapist, and then workman's comp comes along and takes that away and now he is back to the same problems he was having before therapy. I personally sent his lawyer a copy of the referral so no one can say he did or didn't get it. So hopefully he will be able to see her again soon.

I ended up in the ER about a week and a half ago with back spasms so bad that it hurt to breathe. They did xrays and found out that the spasms were straightening the curve out of my spine in my lower back area. We assume it's from the steroids as I had no problems with my back before I started taking them. The hospital gave me a light muscle relaxer and it worked great. I followed up with my doctor and instead of giving me more of the muscle relaxers, he prescribed me hydrocodone again. My GI was a little ticked as any pain killer, prescription or non not only can cause issues with your stomach, but can cause major constipation on top of that. (like I need any help there) So yeah, I'm kind of having to suffer through this right now as my doctor went on vacation for the week. And I will be the first to say I am not doing well at the whole bedrest, no sitting, no lifting rules. I can not just lay in bed all day. It drives me crazy. I do have to say, the Flexeril put me back in bed and I got some really good sleep haha.

Mom and I have been off work for two weeks and going a bit stir crazy. Work starts back up for her this weekend and for me next weekend though and will be steady for awhile. I am crossing my fingers that things go smoothly with the meds and me working, but I have the worst luck with side effects. Luckily, my boss, like my previous bosses, know about my condition, I am up front about everything, and I will be the first to let them know if I can't do the work at the time. Summer camp is in a couple of months, I hope things are all evened out by then. Summer camp is the best part of the job, the kids are great and I love the staff we see year after year. So here's to hoping.

Hope things are well with all of you guys and gals. I would love to hear any comments you have, either on here or drop me a message on facebook!