Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Shit Mr. (stoned) Hubby says...

So yeah, here I am. Hi guys!! How are ya? We are adding a new series to this blog, besides just "Shit Mr. Hubby Says...we are going to do a separate one for a stoned Mr. Hubby.  A stoned Mr. H is even more hilarious than a sober one. I'll be honest, I have missed some really good conversations with him because I am forever misplacing my voice recorder. So now, I stick it in my purse, because at some point everything ends up in there anyways, but that's another blog...
1. Mr. Hubby (mocking me) : "Yeah, this is Captain Heather B, of the starship "Whinesalot", stardate 2017..."

2. Mr Hubby : "She looks like Celine Dion and Sara Evans ran face to face into each other." - about Loreena Mckennitt (do you even know what Sara Evans looks like honey...?)

3. *listening to Carry On Wayward Son"

Mr. Hubby : "You only like this song because it reminds you of Jensen Winchester?"

Me : *snickers* "Who?"

Mr. Hubby : You know, Jensen Wincchhhh.....Ackles.

Me - "Really honey? Jensen Winchester???"

Mr. Hubby : "Supernatural, Starring Jensen Winchester and Sam Padaleki"

Me - Hahaha

4. Mr. Hubby : "I think my southern accent is awesome"

Me : That was NOT a southern accent. That was some backwood hillbilly accent."

Mr Hubby : "Well you would know hillbilly wouldn't you?"

Me : Ummm, wrong state!

Mr. Hubby : "In parts of Kansas, there are hillbillies. They just haven't been found yet. They hide in the hills."

Me : "It's Kansas, what hills?"

5. Mr. Hubby : "I just had a thought!." (telling me this as he comes from the bathroom)

Me : "Okay, let's hear it."

Mr. Hubby explains to me about this idea for the blog, a cartoon strip, and me doing both the writing and drawing...

Me : "That is actually a good idea honey."

Mr. Hubby : "It came to me while I was peeing."

Me - "Umm, that's nice."

Mr. Hubby - "That's where I get my best thoughts you know. Peeing....or pooping, that's when the epiphanies just roll in."


  1. Duuuuude...he has,to play some games with me when stoned. That sounds fun!